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The M7 Capital Investment Platform offers the tools needed for financial freedom — Reduced risk, asset yield tokens and the ability to invest for the long term

Greetings M7 community,

It has been a busy week for the M7 team and community, with our governance token VAULT launching a week ago and experiencing one of the most successful pre-sales and launches. We can’t thank you enough for the support and positive feedback.

We were able to…

Greetings M7 Community,

With our launch date of 30/08/21 fast approaching, we want to bring you information on the tokenomics of the platform’s governance token, VAULT. The total supply will be limited to 10 million (10,000,000) and there will be no restrictions on transaction size. We are placing a maximum…

Greetings M7 Community,

With the launch date of the M7 Platform Governance Token (VAULT) around the corner, the team has been working hard in the background to ensure the dApp is ready for release. …

Hello M7 Family,

We wanted to bring you further information regarding M7 Capital Investment Platform that will provide you more insight into how your portfolio will look and the benefits that will be available to stakeholders.

One-click buy and invest — No longer will you have to worry about having…

As cryptocurrency continues its path to mainstream acceptance, there are opportunities to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional securities. The M7 team is pleased to announce the M7 Capital Investment Platform (CIP), a revolutionary way to earn passive income and dividends in both cryptocurrency and securities.

The M7…

M7 Capital Investment Platform

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