Greetings M7 Community,

With the launch date of the M7 Platform Governance Token (VAULT) around the corner, the team has been working hard in the background to ensure the dApp is ready for release. The dApp will be your one stop source for all your investment needs with a planned launch of 30/8/2021.

We’ve been working diligently on the smart contract development of the compounding vault contracts. In addition, these contracts and the VAULT token contract will be thoroughly audited. The success and integrity of the platform is our top priority.

Outside of the M7 Capital Asset Tokens (CATs), the team has been discussing various ways of expanding the portfolio to new horizons. One important development in the works is opening up our M7 Platform to other dividend yield projects, token that offers a dividend payout could potentially have a vault with us that its holders could stake into.

The possibilities are endless with M7 Capital Investments and the team is excited for launch. Stay in touch with us at: