Greetings M7 community,

It has been a busy week for the M7 team and community, with our governance token VAULT launching a week ago and experiencing one of the most successful pre-sales and launches. We can’t thank you enough for the support and positive feedback.

We were able to achieve many milestones in week one, VAULT was listed on CoinGecko a day after launch and on CoinMarketCap two days later. We’ve also had our M7 VAULT contract audited by Techrate, please click here to view the results:

While achieving all the above in a short period of time, the team has also been working behind the scenes on the launch of our first CAT (Capital Asset Token) and we’re happy to report that the first CAT will be our M7-BTC (BTC-CAT). This will be live this week, with pre-sale via DxSale on the 6th of September and launch on PancakeSwap the 7th.

We’re also excited to announce our first partnership with a third party token, Revolver. The Revolver vault will be live on the M7 CIP next week, with more details being announced closer to going live.

The M7 community is vital to the platform, and we’ve listened to your feedback after the VAULT governance token launch, and we’re happy to announce a new benefit will be added for holders. We will be implementing a stacking process for the M7 Vault Token, which will allow holders to receive dividends, dividends will be paid in BNB and come from the performance fee levied on each vault. Development has started and a more detailed announcement will be out next week.

These are just the first steps to a very successful long term project that we’re looking to build with our amazing community by following our roadmap and the overall vision we have for the M7 Capital Investment Platform.

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The M7 Capital Investment Platform offers the tools needed for financial freedom — Reduced risk, asset yield tokens and the ability to invest for the long term