As cryptocurrency continues its path to mainstream acceptance, there are opportunities to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional securities. The M7 team is pleased to announce the M7 Capital Investment Platform (CIP), a revolutionary way to earn passive income and dividends in both cryptocurrency and securities.

The M7 Platform Governance Token (VAULT) is our launch token. Holders of VAULT will have the opportunity to participate in the direction of the platform by voting on the roadmap of our assets. Stakeholders can participate in a daily trading competition that offers a chance to win a share of the platform’s daily profits. As the platform grows over time, more benefits will become available for VAULT holders.

M7 Capital Asset Tokens (CATs) will be an integral element of the platform. We will have Crypto Asset Yield tokens, carefully selected from strong Binance-pegged projects and known coins; Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano, to name a few. We mean it when we say we want to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional securities; to that end, we plan to offer Synthetic Asset Tokens, a first in the DeFi space. These tokens will offer stakeholders dividends in futures, commodities, and household-name stocks.

In concept, the Capital Investment Vaults (CIVs) share similarities with other Vault systems. We aim to set ourselves apart by using unrelated assets generated by our CATs instead of liquidity pools from other exchanges. This approach leads to a positive buying pressure and multiplier effect unique to our CIV.

We’re excited to release VAULT to you all and hope you will join us on this journey. For further details, you may view our white paper on our website

The M7 Capital Investment Platform offers the tools needed for financial freedom — Reduced risk, asset yield tokens and the ability to invest for the long term