M7 Platform — Updates and Highlights

Hello M7 Family,

We wanted to bring you further information regarding M7 Capital Investment Platform that will provide you more insight into how your portfolio will look and the benefits that will be available to stakeholders.

One-click buy and invest — No longer will you have to worry about having to swap your funds for tokens from an outside site. We’ve streamlined the process for our investors. For each vault, investors will be able to buy and stake tokens with a single click. With our Buy & Invest feature, any BNB amount can be set up to the maximum amount allowed to bring the vault up to cap, and be invested directly into the vault.

Earnings withdrawal — For each vault where an investor has assets, there is a feature within the platform to allow you to withdraw only your earnings all while keeping your initial deposited value. This means you can withdraw some of your funds without losing your spot within the vault.

Privileged voting — As a M7 VAULT token holder, you will get to vote on the future direction of the platform. Only those holding the VAULT token in their connected wallet will be eligible. You will have exclusive access to the voting page and the polls listed. Each vote will be its own smart contract, so stakeholders can only vote once, either for or against, to ensure accuracy.

Investor-only trading competitions — M7 VAULT token holders will also be eligible to take part in daily trading competitions. These competitions will run for 24 hours and will be for one of the listed assets. Once the platform portfolio or assets grow there will be more added.

Participation will be done through the trading page that will be listed on the platform. It will list the current rankings for trading volume, and it will also have an easy buy and sell function with real-time updates on your volume and ranking in the competition. The winner will be the investor that has the highest trading volume, which is calculated with the total buys and sells, and they will receive 80% of the prize pool. The remaining 20% will go to a random M7 VAULT holder regardless of whether they participated or not. The funds for the prize pool will come from a portion of the performance fee for the vault of the trading competition asset token.

Pre-sale for our VAULT token is 30/8/2021. For further details on pre-sale, please join our Telegram https://t.me/M7Capital or follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/M7Platform. You may view our white paper on our website https://m7capital.finance



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M7 Capital Investment Platform

M7 Capital Investment Platform

The M7 Capital Investment Platform offers the tools needed for financial freedom — Reduced risk, asset yield tokens and the ability to invest for the long term